Party of Two

Sharing a bedroom is a fact of life for many children, especially in New York City children.  If done right, regardless of whether you have two girls, or two boys, or a boy and a girl sharing the room you can still express individual personalities and have privacy for each child.

The first decision you will need to make is what type of bed to select. Bunk beds are great space savers but not always the best option for your children. Loft beds give each child their own bed and a private study space underneath. Sometimes two separate twin beds work better allowing you to divide the room and create more  privacy with canopies surrounding the beds, or book shelves, screens, or even a desk area between the two sleeping quarters.

Be creative in your design. Allow each child to use their favorite color and incorporate it in the room. For example, if your son loves blue and your daughter loves purple coordinate these colors in your painting choices, linens, and accessories. You can have an accent wall with blue circles on your son's side and purple on your daughters. Pick a more neutral color for the other walls or a pale hue that could work for both children.

Themes are also great for shared spaces. Perhaps both your children love animals so bring a safari look into the room. Nautical scenes also work well in boy/girl shared spaces.  Under the sea is another great theme. Tweak it a little and add a mermaid touch for your daughter and perhaps pirates or sea monsters for your son.

Shared space can make amazing bedrooms! Regardless of your children's differences, their shared bedroom can become a haven for both!