The Forgotten Space

Perhaps not typically deemed as the most important room in your house, but decorating a bathroom is important and should be correctly. Whether or not you had the opportunity to actually select your materials like tiles, counter tops, and shower doors, relatively simple and inexpensive touches can truly form this room into a demure and elegant space.

Choosing the right colors is perhaps the biggest challenge.  Colors can either add a sense of serenity or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, give off a sense of strong energy. Don't be afraid of using very dark colors in this room, even if your space is small. Paired with the correct lighting, this dark hue bathroom can look romantic and intimate.

Lighting is another key element in decorating a bathroom.  Too often people make this room overly dark when, in reality, the room should be filled with light. A general rule of thumb, all bathrooms should have two sources of light. The general room lighting can be achieved with overhead fixtures or ceiling lights. The second source of light is the complimentary lighting. This lighting is meant to focus on a specific area of the bathroom.  Typically, the secondary source of light should try to focus on your face and not directly on the mirror to avoid unsightly shadowing around your eyes and chin. We also suggest putting your two sources of light on separate switches with dimmers to create a more intimate and relaxing environment during bath time.

Small touches like towels, accessories, and other accents can truly beautify any bathroom, even on a low budget. For example, there's really nothing very attractive about a large piece of mirror glued to a wall. Instead try framing your mirror with decorative molding.  Use distressed wood for a cottage look, chrome for a contemporary feel, cherry wood for a more traditional setting, and gold and silver to add a cast of elegance.  

Adding new towel racks and soap dishes can also add to your aesthetics.  Purchasing attractive tissue and waste paper boxes is also a good accent. Soft touches like matching towels, candle accents and pretty soaps make a beautiful difference too.

What was once considered to be a small sterile room with three basic plumbing fixtures is now thought to be room of great solitude and healing power, One should feel pampered and relaxed in the oasis you create.