DIY Fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you seen the gorgeous block stamp fabric patterns that are so popular right now? We LOVE them! Fabric designers like Robert Kimme, Elizabeth Eakins, and so many others have such wonderful and colorful block stamp fabric patterns. Unfortunately, there is one big caveat that stands between many people and their beloved block stamp fabric patterns...the hefty $350+ per yard price tag! When you need, on average, about 20yards to upholster a sofa, this fabulous fabric can quickly become a dream rather than a reality. LT Design Studios has the perfect it yourself block printing!!!! 

Sites like eBay and Etsy have tons of great antique and new fabric stamps. We are particularly partial to the antique stamps as there less than perfect condition, makes the final stamp so beautiful and subtle. For a more modern aesthetic, keep the stamp simple. Perhaps a straight line, or circles, or simple squares, or even a chevron pattern. For a more traditional look, stick to medallions filled with lace pattern intricacies. And for our eclectic fans, consider doing a border with the straight line stamps and then using a medallion or paisley stamp.

The process to make your block stamp fabric can actually be quite simple. For first timers, we suggest selecting a simple linen in any color of your choice. Smooth the linen fabric out on a flat surface and pin it down so it doesn't move while you are stamping. With a pencil, mark on the fabric where you will want the center of each stamp. Then using a paint roller brush, and just one color for beginners, roll the paint onto a dry and  clean stamp. Once the paint is evenly applied to the stamp, using two hands turn the stamp over and place it on your first marking, holding down with a steady and firm grip for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, pick up the stamp in one straight and fluid motion, try not to move it around the fabric. the beauty of block stamping is the imperfections. So a stray line will actually add character to your fabric rather than destroy the whole thing. If something is really out of proportion, go back with a paint brush or the very tip of a sponge while the paint is still wet. 

Block printed fabric looks fabulous as art work around a canvas or in a gorgeous frame. Perhaps, use ready made drapery panels to create the drapes you actually wanted. Regardless of how you use your new gorgeous fabric, it will be truly be a one-of-a-kind master piece!