Working from Home

The idea of working from home usually sounds wonderful, the reality however, can be quite different. When planning your home office space, it's crucial to consider the location. You need not have an entire room dedicated to this, but often times, when the home office space is located in a communal area such as the kitchen, it can become the family dumping ground. Perhaps opt for a small nook that is quieter and more serene (if there is such a thing in your home) but is also not too far from the main stream traffic so that you can hear any sudden cries from kids, dogs (or maybe even your spouse). An important thing in creating your home office is ORGANIZATION!!!! Try not to  have lose papers lying on the floor or pens that can get into the hands of your little Picasso so he or she can re-do your walls. The most crucial aspect of your home office is that it is a space all your own. Design it, paint it, decorate it anyway YOU like. While it's nice if the space can flow  with everything else (maybe have a similar color palette or have one color that is the same), it need not be in the  exact same style. If your home is super modern /minimalist but you love grandeur and opulence, perhaps opt for a antique lacquered desk that hints to the modern side, paired with a damask paper for your ultimate nod to the traditional.  Your home office, whether covered with multiple computer monitors, or strewn with fabric swatches, is your space, your haven, and yours to enjoy!