Au naturale

Nature produces some of the most beautiful design elements in the world.  A sense of effortless elegance is created when incorporating organic materials into ones living quarters.  Once believed this natural element could only be achieved through the use of plants and flowers, but in today's organic world we can see this new design in furniture, accessories, lighting and more. 

Petrified wood stumps make amazing end tables. The look is fresh and modern yet it highlights an untouched beauty.  Tree branches are an incredible art form.  With so much shape and curvature they become eye candy for your home.  Try incorporating this element in the base of your dining room table or coffee table.  Today you even find lighting fixtures made from tree branches.

Oversized cut agates make for beautiful accents on bookshelves or tables.  They add tremendous texture and depth while bringing out a specific accent color.  Filling glass jars with natural elements like white rocks found on the beat or beautiful seashells also adds a sense of earthiness to any home.    

Another way to add an organic is through your choice of colors.  Shades of green work well or you can go with a seashore effect and work with the blues and aquas.  Pale yellows add warmth and earthy tones allow you to play with your pallet in other places.    

Bringing nature into your home is no longer hanging a dear head above your firplace.  In today's world an organic feel is a true form of refinement and elegance.