Your Dream Nursery without Breaking the Bank

Many of us have DREAMED of our babies nurseries for years...long before conception, or even before our partners came along. FINALLY your time has arrived to create that magical place your baby will call home! Unfortunately, your time has also arrived to realize that your dream nursery costs more than your first car. Yes, although typically smaller than adult furniture and decor, baby room furniture can be astronomical. Have no fear, however, LT Design Studios has some great cost saving tactics!

Many high end baby furniture companies have a more economical line. For example, MDB is the parent company for high end brands like Nursery Works, but also owns less expensive ones like Babyletto. You won't find the exact same crib at Babyletto as you would at Nursery Works (Babyletto does not have Beyonce's baby's Vetro crib for about $3500), but you will similar wood and modern styles starting around $300. The Babyletto line won't be the furniture you pass down from child to child as the craftsmanship is not quite as good as nursery works. But, the fact of the matter is that of these cribs get used and abused very quickly by your little angel, and therefore you may want a new one for the next baby regardless of how much you have spent.

Sample sales are a fabulous way to grab those really expensive items that you just nee d to have. Art For Kids, one of our favorite brands for both adults and kids (some of their furniture is just too gorgeous to not be showcased outside of the nursery), often has fabulous items on their sample sales at a fraction of the cost. Other high end boutiques, like Kid's Supply on Madison Avenue, are constantly changing their showrooms and are happy to sell you a sample off the floor. Even companies like Gilt and Rue La La periodically have sales featuring various nursery brands. 

Obviously, there's always a good old fashion store sale. Even if your focused on finding the perfect crib before anything, if fabulous window treatments happen to go on sale, buy them and just put them away. In the end, you need everything so the order in which you make your purchases, doesn't really matter as much. For some items, like gliders, area rugs, and window treatments, just to name a few, feel free to check in regular furniture stores. West Elm, for example, has a great glider, perfect for a more modern nursery.

As always, your friends at LT Design Studios are always here to help! We love designing nurseries and would love to help design your perfect nursery!

Art for Kids Sample Sale Crib

Babyletto Crib

Detailed View

West Elm Glider