It seems like everyone is always trying to organize their home but are concerned about sacrificing decor for space saving techniques.  Style and functionality can go hand and hand and make a small cluttered space open and inviting.  

The kitchen is one of the easiest spots to get cluttered.  If cabinet space is very limited you must use it very wisely.  Hanging pot racks are an excellent storage solution to open up cabinet space and remove clutter from the counters.  We caution you, when choosing to use this storage solution you must have clean pots and pans and they all must have a similar look to compliment your decor rather than sacrifice it.  There's nothing worse then walking into someones kitchen and seeing a bunch of burnt stained pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. Match you pot rack with your decor.  If your kitchen is more modern then go with the brushed steel.  For a country look a wooden, bronze, or pewter rack may be nice.  For a traditional aesthetic, choose a more ornate rack with possibly a black powder coat on the metal.

Adding storage to your home can take place in any room.  In the dining room use storage banquette seating to create deep and easy to get to storage.  Many people choose to use this to store large rolls of paper towels or unopened boxes of non-perishable food,  This type of  seating not only adds softness and elegance to your room, but is also very practical.

In living rooms and family rooms storage can be obtained in many areas.  From your seating to your coffee tables to the use of book shelves, there is no excuse for clutter in these areas. Many ottomans have storage  that allow you to put away items like extra blankets or books or even photo albums.  The space is protected and is always clean.  Many coffee table also open for hidden storage.  You can hide away large platters that are too big for your kitchen cabinets.  Book shelves offer beautiful opportunities to add personality to your room and well as functionality.  Display picture frames, beautiful works of art and, for storage purposes,  be sure to add some classy looking boxes to store small items that often get misplaced.  

The bedroom is another room that, if you choose the right furniture, storage is easy to find.  All types of beds offer fabulous storage solutions.  Some lift up by the foot board while others have built in shelves. Regardless of the style, this is a great area to store opposite season clothing,  If you have enough space, you can incorporate an ottoman or bench in the room that has a storage functionality as well.  

Lastly, the bathroom is another area that people are often trying to find more space.  If you have a pedestal sink, a custume made curtain around the base of the sink is an excellent way to hide away the extras like additional toilet paper and other bathroom products.  Sometime there's extra wall space in a bathroom where you can hang closed shelves for additional storage.

Storage and functionality can be beautiful.  Sometime it takes a little more foresight and planning to turn practicality in to style but with the right desginer this goal is easily obtainable.