Paint the town...or your bedroom, even when you're not there...

Selecting a paint color can truly be a daunting task, especially when you're not living in the actual space. yet. The key to this sort of paint selecting is PLANNING and sampling!

As we have said before, it's imperative to consider the amount of light a room gets. When you're not yet living in the new home or apartment, print our a floor plan and notate which direction all the windows face. Rooms that face south or east tend to be brighter in the morning, where as rooms that face west tend to be bright in the afternoon. Rooms that face north, tend to be the most shaded throughout the day. Once you have figured out approximately how much light each room gets, then start selecting your paint!

Since you're not in your new living quarters, sampling paints on your own walls may seem counter intuitive yet this a crucial step!!! Whether your paint is Benjamin Moore, Fine Paints of Europe, or Behr paint from Home Depot, they all sell small sample size paints. Simply having the paint chip alone is not enough. Spend the extra $3 to $10 and get a small sample size can. If possible, get a paint sample that is paint and primer in one for the most accurate sampling results.  

Now you're ready to get painting!!! If you plan well enough, try getting plain white boards and paint your color samples on those. Cover the board completely with about two to three coats, depending on the color and thickness of the paints. Now you can move your newly painted boards to an area of your current home that receives the same direction of light as the new space. This is ideal if you plan on using the same paint in multiple places.  And don't forget to consider the ceiling!

If you have forgotten to get white boards (as I recently did...oops!)  then just try to go to an area that gets a similar amount of light. If you have chosen to paint directly onto a previously painted wall that isn't white, please take the current paint color into consideration. More than likely the color painted on top of another color, will be different than one that is painted on a white wall. 

The sampling doesn't end with just the paint. If you're buying new furniture or using a wallpaper, try to get samples or fabric swatches of those too. The more samples you have, the more accurate of a picture you can make for yourself. Sometimes a scheme may work perfectly in your head but then when you realize the pink in your paper clashes with the pink paper, well just be happy you planned ahead! This can really be a fun, and sometimes frustrating, process. Give yourself a few days with a sample before disregarding and look at it a few hours later. Sometimes after staring at similar paints or colors for too long, they all start to look the same. Sleep on it and you may have a whole new perspective in the morning.

Happy sampling LT Design Fans!!!! We're here to help!